The Story begins....

As a confidant of the deity Inari (even sometimes depicted as a fox), Kitsune is regarded as a lucky charm.

The older and more powerful the kitsune, the more cocks they grow. When they have reached the number of nine tails, they are raised to the level of a godhead, and their power is infinite.

With increasing age and power, the coat of a kitsune becomes ever brighter until it reaches the color silver. When a kitsune reaches the stage of the nine Tails, he is to hear everything that is happening in the world and is being spoken. His infinite wisdom is then to be surpassed by nothing and no one in the fantasy world.

There is also a malicious breed of kitsune - the Nogitsune. These are obscure and vicious and love to drive people into obsession and madness.

A kitsune is about 35 days old, then it goes back to Inari to prepare for his transformation into the next evolutionary stage. It will not return to you again, but you will get an item to say goodbye.

A kitsune does not need a partner to multiply itself or to give you items.

During the time when you live with you, there is an item for you every 5 to 7 days.
This can be a giant, or a newborn kitsune.

One Kitsune consumes 12 feed units per day. If it is not fed for 3 days, the Kitsune disappears back into the spirit world and re-establishes its nest in the mysterious forests of the other world.

It can not be re-lived in your world.

Kitsune Building:
All buildings give you an item every 5 to 7 days.
There are 2 types of buildings:
Once the buildings which disintegrate after about 30 - 35 days (currently all buildings) and in future also buildings which give you 35 days items and then remain permanently as deco or collector piece.

You can find out through the kitsune, also collectibles in the fishing spots or also in the crystal mines.
Collectibles can be used to create special recipes